Brighter Skies Business Solution's provides service that provides support to all types of businesses, our support includes bookkeepping, document storage and payroll for people in the networking marketing business to large companies these are our core services.


Our bookkeeping service is design by the type of industry such as networking marketing companies(MLM),  or a traditional company such as start up business,  small, medium or large business. 

The reason is simple and that is each type of buusinesses is special and so is our pricing, our price structure is so you can spend time on your business and leave the rest to us.

We sit with you and go over all the reports and provide advice on the income and expenses to help you in gaining the best profits.

  • Energy & Telecom
  • Beauty  Companies

Document Storage

The document storage that our client use comes with our accounting programs designed to store 7 years of the companies documents and can connect to your Quick Books system.

Why do I need this: Paper will fade and IRS will not accept something they can't see and to pervent loss.

Our payroll service, we support for any type of business, wheither the company has 1 or 50 employees.

Most of our payroll solutions can add time and attendence programs for free or little cost.

We can even help with the new requirements of the health insurance regulations.

We can even have the authority of E- Verify of all company employees.

As for your workers compensation, we can have them bill us and that way we can handle any issues and the yearly audit from the worker compensation company.

All of our payroll solutions will come with your current and up to date labor posters.

  • Insurance Agents
  • Sales Agents

Other Services

We are not Insurance Agents or Broker, what we are consultant to help you acquiring business liabiity, workers comp, professional liability and data breach. We have partner with Nevada Insurance Group to provide all the insurance for you and your business.

  • Workers Compensation
  • W2

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  • ACA Requirements
  • Paystubs